Conspiracy Chrissy presents “My Personal Conspiracy Theory”: A Quarantine Tale

  • About two months ago, the former CDC director publicly stated that he believes that Covid was created in a lab. One point for the crazies, the donald and all the scientists who where discredited as looney bonkers when they said that there was no way the virus could be naturally occurring.
  • The reason that it was important to establish the origins of the virus is because knowing the origin makes it easier to treat.
  • The vaccine was created in record time.
  • Lifting the mask ban for fully vaccinated people does not match the stated reasons for wearing a mask.
  • I wanted to find a way to connect off-world vehicles to my theory, but I couldn’t, so unfortunately, I am unable to connect aliens.



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Chrissy Omari

Chrissy was born in Washington DC and raised in Houston, Texas. #Beyonce Chrissy has a severe #ThinkingAddiction, but refuses to get help. #ReclaimingMyShine